• I think it should be up to the parents.

    I'm circumcised, and I don't think it's much different than being uncircumcised, but how would I know? I do know that some people think being uncircumcised is cleaner, and it is easier to clean I guess. Studies also show that circumcised people have less STDs. This is probably true because if you have people educated enough to perform surgeries, they probably also know about STD prevention. I think if your religion says you should be circumcised, than do it. But instead of doing it to lessen diseases, we should just educate people about diseases and how to prevent them.

  • Born perfect. No modification needed.

    Why do you do to your son what you wouldn't think of doing to your dog? He was born perfect and doesn't need modification. What do you tell your son when he get's older? Sorry, son you were not perfect when you were born, so we had to modify you, but don't worry your sister was born just the way we liked.

  • HIS Body...HIS choice!

    It is barbaric that anyone would need reasoning as to why they shouldn't cut off a perfectly natural part of their child. It is a purely cosmetic procedure that babies die from. Majority of the world is intact but for some reasons North America apparently has different foreskins that need to be routinely removed. It's a despicable act driven by misinformation and greed.

  • Nothing wrong with the natural human body.

    Boys are not born doomed to be circumcised because they were born male.
    We live in an age where everyone has access to running water and information on proper hygiene.
    It's sad to see parents cutting their sons because they think it's cleaner.
    What they don't know is how the prepuce is highly erogenous and serves in sexual function and protection.
    It's amazing to live in a country where equal rights are promoted but not delivered.
    Boys deserve the same rights as girls under law.

  • Circumcision of infants and children is a human rights violation.

    Foreskin is not a birth defect. Any parent who would subject their child to genital mutilation needs a good whup upside the head. If a medical team jumped a child in an alley and circumcised him, we would be horrified. Yet, parents merrily invite genital cutters to hack away at their kids.

  • Intact - if men were meant to have foreskins, they would be born with them!

    Circumcision is barbaric, outdated, and unnecessary. In Europe, only Jews and Muslims circumcise their boys. The rest of the men over here, including my husband and sons, are iNTACT, whole, healthy, and happy to have the 100% of their bodies to use and enjoy as Nature intended.

    80% of the men in the world are intact. Civilized countries look upon us Americans, routinely mutilating our infant boys, with the same horror and disgust with which we look upon those cultures who mutilate their girls.

    "When it comes to holding down perfectly healthy babies and severing flesh from their bodies, how much can you cut away before it becomes morally wrong?”

  • His body, his choice!

    Baby boys should be left INTACT, to use and enjoy their bodies as Nature intended. In Europe, only Jews and Muslims circumcise their boys. Most men over here, like my husband and two adult sons, are WHOLE, healthy, happy, and grateful to have 100% of an extremely precious body part!

    80% of men in the world are INTACT. Most civilized countries look upon us Americans, still routinely mutilating our baby boys, with the same horror and disgust with which we look upon cultures who cut their girls.

  • His body, His choice!

    Though many of us have long believed that circumcision was the normal thing to do-it's NOT! Take a moment to truly research and educate yourself before you think you know the answers. Intact is the normal, natural, healthy state of a penis. No one should be allowed to cut or modify another person's body without medical reason. Circumcision is not medically necessary, not needed for cleanliness, and not healthier in any way.

  • Stealing his purity

    There is absolutely no need to steal away the purity of a male child. There isnt any rational reason to do so! It is child abuse! I will never support such barbaric tradition. Its already proven to be so dangerous. How many more children will have to endure this procedure before its banned for good!?

  • His Body, His Rights

    An infant instinctively trusts those who hold him. He has no alternative. He has been cast out of his warm, cozy cocoon into bright lights and a lot of people talking loudly. Once things calm down his trust is tried. It feels good. He is regaining his sense of equilibrium. This continues for many hours, maybe even a few days of few weeks. Then suddenly he is subjected to torture that exceeds that of vivisection on dogs in medical labs. You know vivisection? Trust is betrayed. So trust is withdrawn. Trust is lost. Very kind and caring parents can make up for a lot of it. But many do not know how to do that. And even those who do it well will leave a deficit where they might have had a surfeit. With circumcision there is always a net loss of trust.

  • I'm circumcised - works fine for me.

    My circumcised penis does everything I need it to do. I can pee with it. Blood flow and ejaculation seem fine. Intercourse is great. Condoms fit wonderfully. Anyone who looks at it directly is appropriately horrified, which creates humorous levity when I'm accidentally exposed. It's still a penis in every way I need it to be.

    The circumcision itself has created no lasting memory for me, and I'm very comfortable with my body in general. To me, it wouldn't matter if my hypothetical son were circumcised or not.

    Posted by: Shlo
  • It's healthy, and should remain a choice.

    The area under the foreskin, if not routinely cleaned, can harbor a variety of infection-causing organisms. Numerous studies indicate that circumcision decreases the incidence of childhood urinary tract infections, adult penile cancer, and genital wart infections. There is strong evidence it provides increased protection from HIV, which causes AIDS.

    A study even found evidence that there is no difference in sensitivity of the glans in circumcised and uncircumcised men. Circumcisions can also alleviate or prevent phimosis (a condition characterized by extremely tight penile foreskin).

    For some, it is a religious decision, and therefore should be respected

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