Intellectuals in politics: Should intellectuals be more involved in politics?

  • Yes, intellectuals should be more involved in politics.

    In my opinion, intellectuals should be more involved in politics. Because it is often the lack of the intellectuals inspiration that is what is lacking in the political debate. Intellectuals bring a much more diversity to the political stage and in my opinion are necessary to having broader perspective on what we can envision for our future.

  • Yes, intellectuals should be more involved in public policy-making.

    As the challenges of the modern world become increasingly complex in nature, intellectuals must play an increasingly-large role in politics and public policy. The US Federal Reserve, an institution run almost exclusively by intellectuals and academics, serves as a shining example of how this can be done effectively. During the depths of the 2008-2009 global financial crisis, the United States Congress appeared almost paralyzed by the complexity of the problem, and argued without end about how best to solve it. Contrast this with the Federal Reserve, which almost immediately implemented a strong stimulus program that measurably accelerated the rate of economic recovery. We should model more political institutions like the Federal Reserve, and rely on the guidance of intellectual experts, rather than ill-informed elected politicians.

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