Intelligent BeginningAndEnd.Com Advocates Do Not Exist?

Asked by: Sagey
  • BeginningAndEnd is a site based on errant Biblical nonsense that only the Unintelligent can Support:

    Nothing on that site is even mildly Rational, they believe in all kinds of idiotic Biblical passages, end of time myths and rise of the Anti-Christ (Illuminati) nonsense. They get the occasional non-believer having a go at them, though their usual tactic is to cut access off to the non-believer and than attack him/her to which they cannot reply in their own defense. They thrive on Myside bias, though their beliefs can only be supported by people with a functional IQ below the intellectual poverty line. Though Pop stars use their site for promotional purposes, all an artist needs to do is pose with a hint of an Illuminati symbol and suddenly this site will promote their material by condemning them as being anti-christ promoters. Nothing like free advertising. So this site does have at least some use!

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