International adoption based on child well-being: Is international adoption beneficial to the birth parents?

  • Yes, it cares for their children.

    Yes, international adoption based on child well being is beneficial to the birth parents, because it allows them to find a loving, caring home for their children. Most of the time, when a child is adopted internationally, the birth parents are not even in the picture. Because of this, there is little risk that a parent would be inconvenienced.

  • Yes, it provides a stable home.

    Yes, international adoption based on child well-being is beneficial to birth parents, because it allows their children to find stable homes. In most domestic adoptions, birth parents have little to no involvement with a child after his or her adoption, so just the fact that an adoption is international has no impact by itself on the birth parents. Most international adoptions are from orphanages, and provide a chance for the children to have a better life.

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