International adoption based on child well-being: Is international adoption beneficial to the child?

  • Yes, it gives them a chance.

    Yes, international adoption is better for the child, because it gives the child a chance to have parents and a future. Anyone who goes to the trouble to adopt internationally, with its high costs, must want that child very badly. Any child who has been adopted internationally will truly feel loved and wanted. It is positive for the child.

  • International adoption can be beneficial for children.

    I think that adoptive parents and their children are drawn together in various ways we can not always understand. Of course, it should first be seen if a good home and parents can be found for a child in his or her own country of birth. However, in many cases that is not possible, and it is better to have parents from another culture than no parents.

  • International adoption can completely strip a child from their mother culture.

    Children being adopted internationally are being robbed of their born identity. They lose the culture they were born into, nine times out of ten replaced with a completely westernized society. They are forced to conform to our cultures and practices in order to 'fit in' and therefore are losing what could have been a vital part of their personality, beliefs and person.

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