International adoption: Does international adoption lend itself to family development?

  • Anything that gets more kids adopted is probably good.

    If the question is whether international adoption is positive, I'd say it certainly could/should be. As long as the child isn't being adopted to a country that is known to have severely limited freedoms or something of that nature, and as long as the kid isn't giving up some sort of life by living in a new country, it should be permissible.

  • It may be seen that the family is helping the child, but the child is also helping the family.

    When families adopt less fortunate children overseas, they are helping these children live the lives they deserve. However, these children are also helping transform the lives of the families. These children, even at a very young age, go through hardships many people will never know of. The growth they have with their families have a profound impact on the family as a whole. Families can development a whole new sense of life by taking on this type of responsibility.

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