International funding of Palestinian Authority: Should the EU, USA and other western donors fund the Palestinian Authority?

  • Yes , I believe the EU, USA, and other western donors should fund the Palestinian Authority.

    I believe the EU, USA, and others western donors should fund the Palestinian Authority, because the Palestinian Authority works as a self governing body to Palestinian territories, and perhaps offer some stability in that area. Western society should support the self Government of the Palestinian authority, so they don't have to get directly involved in the situations in that area.

  • Funding for nothing

    Funding the Palestinian Authority (PA) is a waste of money for all Western countries, who often fail to realize that the majority of people receiving said aid already dislike them. Palestinians receive a massive amount of aid per capita, yet the huge amount of aid is either lost to political corruption or funded into terrorist organizations - ultimately meaning that the average, non violent citizen sees a fraction of it.

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