International military intervention in Darfur: Is the US able and willing to prioritize military intervention?

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  • The U.S. is noy willing to intervene militarily

    The U.S. is becoming famous for saying "Never again." Each time there is a humanitarian crisis that is ignored, policy makers explain why intervention is not feasible, yet there always seems to be military will when financial interests are threatened. Sadly, even though the military is able to go in when lives are being destroyed, it usually sits and ponders options until enough time has passed that it is deemed too late for any action.

  • No, the U.S. military is already committed.

    No, the United States is not able and willing to prioritize military intervention in Darfur, because the U.S. military is already committed to many other nations around the world. There are many troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, but there are also troops in places like South Korea, Japan, and Germany. With so many troops around the world, Darfur is not likely to be a priority.

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