International military intervention in Darfur: Should the international community intervene militarily in Darfur?

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  • Darfur is very complicated

    While the situation in Darfur has been deteriorating for many years, there's nothing to indicate that any military intervention by the world powers would change much. The problems in Darfur are regional and very complicated, and recent history has shown that interventions in such cases can actually end up being detrimental. In the event of intervention, the responsibility should fallequally on the world - not the US.

  • No, there would be too great of a cost.

    No, the international community should not intervene military in Darfur, because it would lead to other conflicts. That region of the world is very fragile. There are many military groups and those groups would use the conflict as an excuse to justify additional war. It is unfortunate, but it is not practical to intervene, because there is not a way to do so without escalating the conflict.

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