International military intervention in Darfur: Would intervention help the war on terror?

  • Intervention on Terror

    Intervention to the heinous crimes of terrorism should be welcomed by the American allies or any other country such a Great Britain that has been the brunt of terrorism activity. Intervention in Darfur should be a welcomed intervention because help on an international military level is needed to thwart terrorism.

  • Are you for cereal?

    Like nothings gonna stop terrorism, not you, not your intervention. Don't get ur hopes up kid. Terrorism been goin on and it gonna keep goin on til jesus himself comes down and stops it then we will all be gud and no terrorism, no war, just the love of our Lord.

  • No, intervention only fuels the flames of terrorism.

    Intervention and meddling in the affairs of other countries fuels terrorism, not stops it. Military intervention in particular can result in the deaths of innocent civilians. Those who see this often join terrorist groups for revenge or to prevent further deaths and interventions. If countries would leave each other be terrorism would be reduced.

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