International space organization: Should the world adopt an international space organization, independent of national budgets?

  • The world should adopt an international space organization.

    Space expoloration will benefit all of humanity, so all the nations of the world should come together to explore this new frontier. Space should be an area of scientific exploration, not a place for weapons or war. In this way, nations can work together diplomatically towards a new age of peace and prosperity.

  • Independent and International

    There was a time, during war, when all of the governments were in a ‘space race’. In that time, major advancements in space technology were made. Almost none have been made since. Currently, all progress being done for space exploration is independent funding and researchers. Traditionally speaking, governments have hindered scientific discovery and exploration. It would benefit the industry as well as the world if independent financiers took control of the world effort to expand into space.

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