Internet access controversy: Do all people need a phone, cable, and the internet?

  • Yes, all people do need a phone, cable and internet

    With the current development In technology, th world has been made to be a global village. people from all corners of the world can easily communicate with one another, thanks to the milestone made In technology. Therefore for this to happen all people need to have phone, cable and Internet in order to be connected to each other.

  • Internet is not necessary.

    People do not need Internet access. Internet makes our lives easier because it connects us to the world, and it provides us with information. However, a person can live their life without Internet access just as it was done before Internet existed. Some people might think you are strange for not having Internet, but it hardly makes it necessary.

  • Internet Access To All

    Global trends in the today world require everyone to access Internet via every possible source, including cable, phone, tablet, etc. From medicine intake to radio programs and movies, from games to educational programs, from business applications and online trading platforms to news and Facebook, Internet has become one`s closest friend, dear comrade and on the go counsel.

  • We lived without them.

    No, people do not need a phone, cable, and the internet, because the world revolved for centuries without these things. a person can go to the public library, rather than have the internet. A person does not have a right to entertainment via television. They can talk to their family members or play board games. We can live without technology.

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