• Yes, the Internet has become a utility, not a luxury.

    Yes, in this day and age the Internet has become an important necessity for countless households, businesses, and government agencies. We really don't know how to live without the Internet anymore. It is as essential to us as gas and electricity. Treating it as a utility makes perfect sense in today's word.

  • There would have to be agreement

    In order for internet to work at a utility, there would have to be agreement amongst government agencies regarding who would regulate it and what would be the role of private industry. The current industry giants would fight the idea tooth and nail, but if agreements can be reached it would be easier to administer than electricity.

  • Internet has become a human right in countries like the United States and would work as a utility.

    The Internet would assuredly work as a utility. The roadblock to that system are communications monopolies, such as cable and phone companies, that would resist Internet as a utility because it would make less money for them. Also, political will to stand up to these monopolies has not reached a critical mass yet. So while Internet would work as a utility, actually achieving that may not happen in the near future.

  • Yes, the internet as a utility would work.

    Yes, the internet as a utility would work. Internet access is as important as phone service, gas, and electricty. More people work and run their businesses from their homes, students are required to use things like Google Classroom to complete and submit assignments, and people opt to go paperless and pay their bills online. Internet access should not be considered a luxury, its is a necessity for the majority of Americans.

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