Internet Censorship: Should strict media censorship be imposed on the Internet?

Asked by: sawflub
  • Looking at a wider view of the world, strict media censorship must be imposed

    THERE are some countries on where there are most families which have a lesser interest for strictly authorizing those inappropriate websites for children. It is them to blame for their being unworthy for their responsibility, but its our goal to maintain their moral value, by just contributing a small change towards the prevention or minimization of activities which involves people who overtraffic the use of these services that has a lesser controll for themselves, and also the youth empowered by lust which behind their backs is the parents or some people who just give consent for this immoral value.

    As a conclusion, there can be a chance that crime rates in the countries involving these people of hobbying these activities, as it helps to decrease the number of can be developing crime makers of this involvement.

  • The Safe Place

    As crazy as that title may seem to be to describe the internet, in a sense it is actually true. When it comes to Television, Radio, and Billboards, we (the public) virtually have no say in what is being displayed to us. Companies pay to have their ads posted and plastered all over the the different types of media regardless of public opinion. Now while we still feel their presence on the video channels such as youtube and other types of video servers online, we have more of a freedom to be where we intend on being and seeing what we intend on seeing on the internet. While censorship in theory is good willed, it only opens the door for whoever is in charge of the actual censoring to have a hand on what we are "allowed" to see/read/watch on the internet. There are indeed many things online that could be viewed as harmful, but there are many family type security walls and block systems to help avoid children stumbling upon anything harmful. Again, the internet is our place where WE have the choice, to either find good...Or bad.

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