• Welcome to the Future

    The internet has become a "one stop shop" for just about everything these days. It's easy for us to communicate long distances to friends and family members. We have the convenience of shopping online at our convenience. It is also easy for people to get information they need when they need. Now, granted, there are a few negative side effects socially, but my feeling is that the internet has opened up new worlds for all of us.

    Posted by: S.K
  • What would we do without it?

    The internet is obviously a good thing. What would we do without it?? Actually read a book?? Rent a movie that is not netflix?? Actually debate in person?? Use a telephone and have a conversation using my voice?? Go do something useful?? Learn to capitalize the first word of my sentences??
    See because of the internet we dont need to do all these things and still live our lives to the fullest by watching youtube videos about awesome and cute kitties.

  • Provides New Information!

    The Internet may have some downfalls, but at the same time, it provides people with new information everyday. New technology since as this could develop the mind of millions! It gives a faster and exciting approach to seek information. Widens your way of thinking, and spans your knowledge overall ! :)

  • The internet today has become a part of our life.

    Be it social networking, sharing data, tracking information, watching movies or listening to music. Everything now is just a click away and is provided to us within seconds. The internet has also become a way of earning large amounts of money. Internet has formed a large base for globalization. People from different countries, cultures, religion who have different views and opinions are provided with a common ground to exchange ideas, views and opinions. The internet in totality has now become a necessity of our lives.

  • The Internet has many positives but ultimately I believe it is a negative thing.

    Sure the Internet allows for people to communicate and research and whatnot but think about the consequences: More people are spending time on their computers and phones and using the Internet and social networks and emails and whatnot than they are actually communicating in person. People would rather research with an Internet data base than with books even though the websites they use for research can have false information posted by some random stranger who doesn't know anything about what they're saying. People are becoming so obsessed with the Internet that they don't know how to live without it. More and more people are becoming obsessed and addicted to the Internet and to their electronics. Some people have become so addicted to social networks they don't even know how to socialize in person anymore. The world got along perfectly fine without the Internet, back in the days when kids didn't need phones and they when they actually played outside and when adults did more than surf the Internet and play stupid mindless games like farmville. Think about it, think about what the Internet has really done to society. It's made us all into mindless Internet addicted antisocial robots, and yes that is the extreme of it, but if we keep the Internet around for a while (Which we will because it obviously isn't going anywhere) that's exactly where things are going to go.

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paul_g says2014-01-20T04:09:54.047
Funny how those that disagree are voicing there opinion using the Internet