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  • I disagree with it.

    If there was not internet, How would you text your friends or families who are in the abroad or somewhere not near you. Long time ago, There were no internet, People could send or tell something in few days, Weeks, And even months. But now, With internet, We can tell somethings in few seconds right away, So, You can tell an important information right away,
    Also, Internets made the companies work easier and better. Most of the companies use laptops and make some references by typing, Which is much faster than writing it all by hands. Also, If there were no internets, How would you get informations, Or how would you research? Everyday people uses internet, And think about a life without an internet. You wouldn't be able to watch TV, Play games to reduce your stress, And inform or spread things quickly.

  • I would argue that the internet has brought more benefits then compromises.

    There are endless benefits to the advent of the internet. The list of benefits endless, But a few are high speed communications, Massive increases in efficiencies and energy savings in the ability to exchange information and documents. It has produced greater understanding and educational benefits. And it has created of millions of jobs. To be clear, The internet has also brought about problems and challenges that are negatives to our society.
    I would suggest that the obvious acceptance of and growth of the internet proves its greater value, As most of us will not continue to use something we do not see as more a benefit that a compromise.

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