Internet makes people closer: Does the Internet make people closer?

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  • Internet does make people get closer!

    I personally agree because people do not see each other that often unlike in olden days. Some even went to overseas. So, it is free and easier to communicate through social media and we dont need to spend money to buy tickets back to country for visiting. Using email and chatting software are cheaper than calling or writing letters or even messaging. Internet also allows you to chat live, share pictures and videos to your families.

  • No, the internet does not make people closer.

    The Internet gives people the opportunity to pretend to interact with their friends and family without ever having to come into contact with them in person. This leads to people spending less time with their friends and families. It divides families in this way because the face to face communication is lost.

  • Yes, the internet makes it easier to be closer to people

    The connection the internet creates between others is undeniable. While something is lost without actual interaction, the internet provides me with the tools to be connected with friends, acquaintances, and strangers whenever I feel like being social. This has often led to intimate conversations I would have had difficult having without the ability to constantly interact.

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