Internet Use Grows in Iceland: Should the Internet be free all over the world?

  • Yes, access to the Internet should be a basic human right.

    Yes, the Internet should be free all over the world. It's easy to see how the importance of Internet access has grown over the past couple of decades. Having access to the Internet is becoming more and more essential to survival in the 21st Century. By restricting access to the Internet, the economic and class divides between the rich and the poor will only grow wider.

  • Internet should not be free worldwide.

    While it would be nice to have free Internet, it really isn't a practical idea. What would be preferable is for everyone to have equal access to quality high speed internet, without data caps, at an affordable price. Sadly, there are many people in the US who suffer from sub-par internet.

  • Who foots the bill?

    If the internet is free for everyone who foots the bill? Does the government cover the costs? Internet is sure nice to have, and I know that i personally would have a hard time living without it. But, it isn't a necessity. Nobody needs internet to live. If you want it, pay for it.

  • It is not affordable.

    Humans do not have a right to get something from another for free. Back in the day, humans did not have the right to have a land line phone provided by the phone company. Some people had to go use a pay phone in order to make a phone call. Today, the Internet comes at a price.

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