introduced species: Should the Australian Government ban the introduction of any non-native species?

  • The Australian Government should ban the introduction of any non-native species.

    The introduction of non-native species in a foreign environment has been known to cause a lot of problems. Species can often be invasive and cause a lot of damage to the native ecosystem. In order to protect the environment, the government should ban the introduction of all non-native species in Australia.

  • Yes, the Australian Governement should ban the introduction of non-native species.

    The Australian Government should keep non-native species far, far away from its borders. A great example of the unintended consequences of introducing non-native species is the kudzu plant in the south. It was brought over and planted because people who brought it here thought it looked nice. It eventually took over many other kinds of natural flora and fauna and it is now seen as a weed that we are unable to eradicate. It only takes one mistake to change the natural makeup of a great deal of area. Without significant research, it is not worth the risk.

  • The Australian Government should not ban the introduction of any non native species.

    Farmers will lose jobs, it will be impossibly hard to find all these animals, pet cats and dogs will be taken away too, it is inhumane to kill so many animals, some Australian native species have become dependent on introduced species such as the dingo who eat rabbits, mice and rats. All three of those species are introduced.

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