Introducing the $7.76 Big Mac: Are we spending too much money on fast food?

  • Fast food is financially silly

    Sure, there is something to be said for the convenience of fast food and the cost of that convenience is ultimately what the consumer is paying for but as prices climb, weighing the cost against the value is becoming a huge imbalance. The cost is not only in actual price, but in the future costs from consuming the chemically-altered, processed foods as well.

  • Yes, I believe we are.

    I think about the amount of food that one could buy for nearly 8 dollars and it astonishes me that someone would spend that on a big mac. A lot of this country lives in poverty or has food insecurity and this isn't where that money should be spent no matter how fast or easy it may be.

  • Big Mac: Unsafe at Any Price

    Stuffed with 530 calories, 27 grams of fat and 960 mg of sodium; McDonald's Big Mac sandwich is one of the unhealthiest foods peddled by the fast food industry. Pricing this monstrosity at $7.76 is pure corporate greed. A thinly veiled move to profit from the present, and future, pain and suffering of their customer base.

  • Fast food prices are getting high.

    I believe fast food prices are much higher than they need to be. A lot of fast food companies are making insane profits from raising their prices much higher then their cost of making it. It seems it used to be cheaper to eat fast food than to eat dinner at home, but now a family of four can easily spend $25 on one meal at a fast food establishment.

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