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  • No, the product is not worth $7.

    I don't believe that a Big Mac has a $7 value. You could buy much healthier food for the same amount of money, not to mention that the majority of people who frequent fast food restaurants are low income individuals for whom a Big Mac would suddenly become an extravagance.

  • No, I would not pay $7.76 for a Big Mac sandwich.

    I personally would not be willing to pay $7.76 for a Big Mac, from a fast food restaurant, that is known for their lower prices for families to be able to afford to eat out.
    The Big Mac sandwich is their popular sandwich, but I feel if they raised their prices to that amount, they will not have that particular sandwich as their most popular one, any longer.

  • No,I would not pay $7 for a Big Mac.

    No,I would not pay $7 for a Big Mac.Because the Big Mac is not worth the value.As we know,The Big Mac is a hamburger sold by McDonald's, an international fast food restaurant chain.By the way,three Court of Appeal judges ruled that a diet consisting of high-fat McDonald's products may lead to heart disease.And the Big Mac has 550 kcal (2,300 kJ), 29 grams of fat and 25 grams of protein., it is bad for our health.

  • No, $7 for a Big Mac is too much.

    McDonalds restaurants are known for affordable fast food. They are not always the best quality meals but the biggest seller is their availability and affordability. Charging over $7 for a Big Mac pushes the boundary on being affordable, particularly for the quality of food you are puchasing. I would not even consider spending that much on a Big Mac.

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