Invasion of Normandy memorialized 72 years later: is the event getting the respect it deserves?

  • It is a major event that requires recognition.

    The invasion of Normandy, and the entire D-Day operation, was the real last push that finally put an end to the Second World War. Many lives were lost on the beaches of Normandy, and it is an event that should be memorialized. Without it, the outcome of the war may have been different.

  • As time passes, more effort must be put in to preserve historical events of the past.

    The more time passes, the more distant historical events become. Younger generations do not have the same connections to events like that of Normandy than older generations that lived through that time or had close connections to people who did. More respect and attention should be given to these historical events to keep from them fading away and becoming less important over time.

  • It should be given great respect

    It was the largest amphibious invasion in history, in the largest war to date. We need to remember it so it doesn't happen again ever. We need to teach our children about the atrocities of war, the concentration camps, Pear Harbor, and Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is a huge part of history and we should remember and honor those who gave their lives at Normandy.

  • No, it is not

    People today have no sense of history or how important the events of yesterday are to our well-being as a nation. There is not sense of personal sacrifice being instilled in our youth today and once a two more generations have passed, I fear for the longevity of some of our most cherished holidays.

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