Inventions of 2014: Do we invent new things at the same pace as we did during the industrial revolution?

  • New things every day.

    Yes, we still invent new things at the pace we did during the industrial revolution, because it seems like every day we are coming out with something new. The digital revolution of computers in the last 50 years has been astounding. A computer used to take up an entire room, and now I can hold it in my hand on my iphone.

  • New Inventions Come Everyday

    People may think there is a much slower rate of invention these days, but there are actually much more at a faster rate than we have ever seen. Many of these go unnoticed by the general public because of how insignificant they seem in the scheme of things, which is why the rate perhaps seems slower. However, just looking at any technology expo will provide you with a whole host of examples of new inventions produced every year.

  • We Invent Faster

    The rate of our technology's advancement has increased since the industrial revolution. Technology builds on itself, and the more advanced our technology gets the easier it is to come up with further advancements, more quickly. The rate of innovations on such amazing technology on the Internet, computers, and mobile phones far surpasses the industrial revolution.

  • We are inventing things faster then we ever have before!

    Nowadays it seems we are inventing things faster then ever, even faster then in the industrial revolution. Everyday it seems something new is coming out, or announced and will be released soon. in the past 10 years we have gone from big bulky mobile devices to thin and light devices that can fit in envelopes. We have also started grasping virtual reality with devices like the oculus rift and will soon have advanced mapping devices like googles project tango. So Yes, we have been inventing things are a faster pace compared to the industrial revolution.

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