investigators find Russian surface to air missile shot down the MH17 over Ukraine. Are we heading towards another Cold War?

  • Yes, we are.

    It defiantly looks like we are heading into another cold war, with this and with the announcement of the reopening of the KGB, but it is not so certian that this new "Cold War" will be as cold. It is possible that there will be much more active fighting this time around.

  • Yes, we are headed towards another Cold War.

    With recent events between Russia and the U.S. in international waters, including the fly over that was used to intimidate our soldiers, it's possible that we are going to see another Cold War. The outcome of the presidential election could be the deciding factor in whether that's true or not.

  • We are not headed towards another Cold War with Russia.

    The idea of a Cold War with Russia suggests that the US will be in a standoff of sorts with Russia. It suggests that each side has enough fire power to keep the other side from attacking. Russia now seems more aggressive. Russia has not taken such a passive approach to exerting her power in the world. This is exemplified in the active warring in Syria and other areas of the Middle East. Russia is fighting to gain control of strategic locations and to gain more power. The US is fighting seemingly to aid the areas that Russia is trying to overpower, but really the US is trying to keep Russia from gaining control. It is a proxy war, a war that the US and Russia are fighting indirectly and not in their own countries. The fighting does not suggest a Cold War, or a passive standoff.

  • No, we are not heading towards another Cold War.

    No, we are not heading towards another Cold War because too many other things would have to happen between now and a Cold War taking place. Once incident alone is never enough to start a war. It takes years and years of aggression from one country to the next to create war.

  • Russia Isn't Even Competition

    The US military is now equal to the next six or seven largest in the world combined. Its empire baby, and this train ain't stopping until she derails. The Russians can complain all they want, posture, and threaten, but the only threat they pose is anymore is their nuclear missiles and using them is suicide when the US is already busy installing the Star Wars program. Russia is merely up there with north Korea as another dissatisfied third world country with enough serious weapons to cause trouble.

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