• You have to invest to become wealthy.

    Ok some with argue it's too much of a risk, but how else can you really build wealth legally without investing. If people would realize that contributions to 401K's can build wealth, I think more would do it. In today's society everyone is looking for a get rich quick solution. Investing is the right track to building that wealth.

  • Investing can be a good way of earning money.

    Nowadays there are very few jobs which can pay you enough money to make you rich in a few years. That is why investments can be a great way to get rich more quickly. Its advantage is that you can save money in small amounts ant then you can buy shares that can give you dividends. This way, you will be assured of extra income.

  • Any one can invest and make good

    I think anyone can invest and become wealthy. The thing is you need a little money to start, and then you need someone you can trust that has experience to lead you or guide you in the right direction. It will take some time and you will have your ups and downs, but at the bottom line is you can get there.

  • No not everyone can be get rich from investing.

    To invest the like the rich you have to have the assets to make those investments in the first place. So while a structured investment plan is the best was to invest, it is not always the going to make a person rich. It will allowed them to keep pace with inflation.

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