Investors are trading on Trump's tweets: Is this a sound investment strategy?

  • yes, it makes sense.

    It makes as much sense as anything else that investors trade on. Trumps tweets are an indicator on what is going on in the world at large, and by trading on them, they are savvy investors who understand the rise and fall of marketets. It is sound and makes sense.

  • Trump has no brain

    People trading on Trump's tweets ought to be carefu. He is losing more and more support each day due to his ignorance and lies. I do believe that at some point, those companies that he strongly supports and who strongly support him are going to suffer severely as he keeps throwing their name around. Maybe the best route is to pull investments from the companies he likes and start putting money into the companies he hates. Heck, maybe that's what people are already doing!

  • No, I don't agree.

    This just sounds silly. Why would we play with the market like that? I am not sure where our country is going but this is very concerning and troubling. Trump needs to realize the impact he has on the people who follow him. Will someone please talk sense into this man?

  • No, this is not a sound investment strategy.

    Trading stock positions based on Donald Trump's tweets is not a sound investment strategy. Traders will get the best returns by investing for the long term in quality companies. Trading on a whim or trading on a tweet is not financially sound advice. Many times the market might react quickly to breaking news but then adjust to the price it was trading at before the news broke.

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