• Involuntary taxes ARE immoral

    No one's economic freedom should be violated. No one should be able to tell you how you spend your money, Not even the government, And the only way the government can get you to pay your taxes involuntarily is with force. That is coercion, Which is immoral because it violates your freedom. No one's freedom should be violated. Therefore, Involuntary taxes are immoral.

  • Taxation is theft and of story

    You did not choose to pay it there is no were on earth with no taxes so I can't just choose not to pay any and I have to pay or I will go to prison for tax evasion or in order words you have to pay or you will be kidnapped by the government sounds like theft to me

  • Taxes for LGBT freedom

    I don't care about whether taxes pay for roads or school lunches or social security. The main purpose for taxes should be to create LGBT EQUALITY. As we speak, Bigots are preventing gendergay folk from precious resources, Such as estrogen and lube kits. The denial of lube rights is at the center of our country's dark history of oppression.

    We need to begin addressing centuries of inequality, And it begins with taking money from our current education system and transferring it to create LGBT centers, Where we will teach bigoted children how to be inclusive. Hateful children will have to learn to give up their entrenched hatred toward queer lifestyles. Of course participation in these programs will be mandatory, Because we can expect homophobic parents to resist progress for their children. Children will receive classes on LGBT acceptance, And will also receive chemical treatments that allow them to live as other genders to experience new lifestyles that society has forbidden them to see.

    So that's why taxes are needed, To guard against evil bigots like yourself.

  • All taxes in a way are voluntary

    By choosing to live somewhere you agree to the laws and taxes that are imposed there. However I do believe that their should be more transparency and more federalism. It would be nice to be able to move within the country if the laws become unbearable rather than it be necessary to move countries.

    What does become immoral is the way many hidden and confusing fines and fees take your money with little to no transparency. You could also argue that an over-sized tax code and code of law become impossible for one person to fully grasp. And it is therefore immoral to hold someone responsible for following every aspect.

  • No, You are just cheap

    Taxes are used to fix roads and develop new project. The concept is that they take some of your earning and combine it to form a huge lump sum of cash.
    How much do they take away from away? In some places the taxes are really high and in other they are pretty low. However you will noticed that the places where there higher taxes is better. The roads are nicer and the more money in public utility works and power and electricity. They pay the salary of policemen and firemen.

    Some people are very cheap and do not want to give a single cent of taxes because they are so greedy but use every public works to their advantage.

  • Compulsory taxing is for the common good.

    The money you pay in taxes goes to many places. In addition to paying the salaries of government workers, Your tax dollars also help to support common resources, Such as police and firefighters. Tax money helps to ensure the roads you travel on are safe and well-maintained. Taxes fund public libraries and parks.

  • Democracy legitimises a government's use of force

    I won't barf out the entirety of Jean-Jacques Rousseau's "The Social Contract" here but I'd basically cite that: if a government is democratically elected then it represents the will of the people, And therefore has a right to use the people's money. Whether a given government is democratically elected or not is another matter ;)

    (As an aside, I cannot recommend "The Social Contract" enough, Completely changed my thinking on topics like this. . . Just pretend he's saying "people" instead of "men", It was 1762 after all)

    Posted by: cdo

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