• Yes it is.

    iOS 10 is a major overhaul from iOS 9. One of the biggest things that I am excited about is the abilty to delete the majority of the bloatware that comes with the iPhone. Being able to delete these apps frees up space that I seriously need, considering how little I have.

  • Yes, Any free upgrade is worth the cost

    Apple is committed to improving its iOS and even if there are some bugs with it, Apple will learn of those bugs and find a way to solve them. Since there is no monetary cost to the upgrade, the upgrade is worth it financially. Each iOS upgrade theoretically is an improvement upon the previous iOS's based on popular opinion. The look and feel may take a little time to get used to, but it the upgrade will always be worth it if it is free.

  • Stay on top of security

    With the new iOS version, you're guaranteed to be getting a more secure product with a quicker turnaround time for discovered vulnerabilities. As old operating systems fade and get less support, users become more vulnerable to hacking and takeover attempts. Although the system itself doesn't offer mind-blowing upgrades that users HAVE TO HAVE, the additional security is worth it.

  • Nothing in ios10 is really useful and many things are worse

    Where do I start...
    Everything from the home button to email to notifications takes longer or has mor steps. The interface is more distracting without really providing more utility. Why can't they simplify instead of complicate?
    It's as if they had no great new ideas but marketing said "We need an upgrade!" So they just rearranged things and actually made it worse.
    Hopefully I can downgrade.

  • No, iOS 10 is not worth the upgrade.

    No, iOS 10 is not worth the upgrade because there will always be another upgrade around the corner. Soon iOS 11 will be released, and everyone will have to upgrade immediately. What is wrong with older technology? The consumer should not have to be dragged along from one version to the next.

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