IOS 8 encryption: Do you believe this will really shield your data from the police?

  • Yes, I have faith the company did a good job.

    Yes, I have faith the company did a good job. I think a new encryption will do allot of good to shield people. I wish other companies did the same things. I know there are allot of ways to be hurt digitally these days but overall i think this can work. The encryption will be wonderful.

  • Not that gullible

    I don't believe for one second that any kind of encryption will shield my data from someone who is determined to access it. The best we can hope for is to ensure we have secured our devices as well as possible, so that we're safe from the 'drive by' kind of information gathering or attacks that can happen. Personally, I'm not concerned about the police accessing my data - I have nothing to hide.

  • Nothing shields data from authorities

    Nothing shields data from authorities. This is because law enforcement has the right to see everything. They get this authority from the Federal level. People who are worried about the law seeing what they do need to change their ways and not do bad things anymore. Then they will not have to worry.

  • No, it is not secure enough.

    Many believe that the police can have emergency access to personal files from the manufacturer. I do not believe that the shielding is strong enough to prevent government hacking but only good enough to prevent hacking from other users. There has been no movement to prevent Snowden type collection of data by governments.

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