• Early Adoption Leads to Fluency

    Later fluency with the newest iOS system makes early adoption worthwhile. Often times new operating systems have kinks to work out and bugs to fix, but those who adopt earlier will learn better the newest features. In the early stages of any new iOS there are frequent updates, and a user who adopts early may have a chance to give input as to what should be updated.

  • Yes, It is very worth it.

    Yes, It is very worth it. I think jumping on it right at the start can do allot of good. Even though there might be some problems I think it will be just fine overall. I really love the system and think everyone should get on as soon as possible.

  • Free beta test

    I consider the people who adopt changes early as beta testers. They go in without knowing what awaits them and in this case, the chances are that the change is irreversible. I usually wait a few weeks/months to see the reviews. But please, adopt it early so that I know what I'm waiting for ;)

  • Not worth it

    People who install an update to any software in the early stages are essentially volunteering to beta test it free of charge. You only have to look at the speed with which updates are often deployed to realise that. We might as well replace the term 'early adopter' with 'unpaid test group'. If people want to do it, fine, but they should know what they're getting into.

  • Don't adopt early

    Don't adopt early. This is because there are many kinks that have to be worked out, and early adopters often get screwed by trying to be first. While it is a great idea initially to try to be early, it doesn't pay off for the end user when all is said and done.

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abyteofbrain says2014-09-19T00:22:49.907
IOS 8 stinks.
abyteofbrain says2014-09-19T00:23:37.517
Anyone see that video of a brat smashing an iPad because he didn't like IOS 8?