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  • Android is the bomb

    Android will always win, with its vast customization options and a wide range of Android operating phones to choose from. Most Android devices will have a removable battery and SD Card slot, allowing for easy memory expansion and battery replacement. If you had an iPhone, you would have to go through with Apple's iCloud service through iTunes, after trying harder than you should have to set up an account to get apps on your "user-friendly" device.

  • Ha Ha Ha

    Android always wins, it is impossible to defeat the Android army. It is so much better, IOS and apple products in generally are horrible in nature. I hate them so much, i feel they are so stupid. That is my opinion on the case. Android army for life see you round ;)

  • Android should win!!!

    Android really loads a ton faster than Apple. IOS tries to get better than all other companies but Android is really the best. Apple takes about 2 years for it to release a iPad mini or something. Not a ton of people know that Android is tons better than IOS ever was or will be.

  • Android for the win

    Android is much better then iOS, its a lot more user friendly, so u can can do more things on an Android freely, and u cant will iOS (unless of course u jail brake it), plus, android is a lot cheaper then iOS, why would i want to go out and blow a grand on the new iPhone when a new one will just come out 5 months later. And, Android, always seems to be more strongly structure then iOS, i drop an iPod, BAM!! Goodbye, i drop an Android, just a few scratches, plus, my ipod broke after the second time i dropped it, my Android (HTC) is still kicking and i throw that thing around on purpose when i get bored, its still working fine, not even cracked either

  • I say Android is the better operating system because innovations reach the market quicker

    The Android platform has a proven track record of supporting the latest cutting-edge ideas. While casual apps still seem to appear on iOS first, the bigger hardware innovations almost invariably start at Google.

    Android was the first to support WiFi Direct, WebP images, multiple user accounts and screen mirroring support through Miracast.

    In addition, when something doesn’t exist, the open platform makes it almost guaranteed that it will be available within hours of a need being identified, rather than having to wait two years for Apple to release something.

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