Iowa Caucus: Does Bernie Sanders have a more believable chance of winning the national election than before the caucus?

  • Bernie Sanders has more chance of winning

    Bernie Sanders has more of a chance of winning the national election after the current caucus. The results show that he has gained almost as much following as Hillary Clinton. She is really his only competition and her his. It could go either way at this point. All he would need to do is convince just a few more people to vote for him.

  • Clinton is slipping

    Clinton announced her running in the presidential election so early on that it made everything look like she was going to win by a land slide. Bernie Sanders came along and proved her wrong. Between her mistakes and his deeds, they have final gotten to be on the same level.

  • Yes Bernie Sanders can win the national election

    Bernie Sanders has become the working class hero. The previous two elections say that the guy who knows what to say to the working class will win the election. Just because Hillary Clinton claimed to win a tie doesn't mean Sanders doesn't have a chance. The only real question to be answered is how many votes will Sanders win by?

  • If anything, it helped Hillary

    The Iowa caucuses are largely thought to propel a candidate into the next states, and a win is supposed to give that candidate momentum. I think that Bernie had a good showing, but I don't think it shows anything about his chances of winning. Hillary wasn't projected to win in Iowa by very much, so we already knew it would be close. In the country as a whole, Hillary is projected to beat out Bernie, and the republican nominee in the general election. Iowa's caucus doesn't give Bernie any more or less chance than he already had.

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