• Bernie's Creeping Up on Hillary

    I believe that Bernie Sanders will beat Hillary Clinton in the Iowa caucus. It seems that the Email problems that have dogged Hillary and the questions about her credibility are leading democrat voters to Bernie. Also, Bernie has a pretty near astounding sway with millennial voters, and this is going to help put him over the top. As of now, the Quinnipiac poll has Sanders up on Clinton 49% to 45%. He's also leading by an even greater margin in New Hampshire.

  • He is doing better

    I do think that in Iowa, Sanders will win over Clinton. They both are good candidates and Clinton has had done better than Sanders in a lot of places. But it seems like recently Sanders is getting a lot of supporters and has won over Clinton. It is still hard to call as they are going neck to neck

  • I think he will

    I think Sanders currently has all the momentum. Therefore, I think he will win out over Clinton in the Iowa caucus. The public is tired of insiders and wants new ideas. Clinton is nothing more than an insider. We've also already had a Clinton as president. I think Sanders will win the caucus.

  • Despite his obvious popularity, no.

    Bernie Sanders has clearly been a breathe of fresh air on the American political scene, especially when you look at some of the individuals he's competing against. The overall message feels different, and that alone has given voters food for thought. He's having a similar impact to Donald Trump (for obviously very different reasons), and this only helps to make the race for the presidency a whole lot tougher. The 'big money' career politicians have been forced to switch up their tactics in a bid to stem the tide of change brought on by individuals such as Bernie Sanders. Ultimately, it is the response of rivals such a Hillary Clinton which shall determine the outcome of the election. I for one feel that the donors that back Clinton, simply won't even consider the possibility of losing. This in turn will aid her in to become the next president of the United States.

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