Iowa trucker suffers heart attack, manages to avoid hitting anyone: Is he a hero?

  • Absolutely by definition

    We need more people in the world like this. Anyone who puts their own well-being and life second to the needs (their lives/survival) of others is by definition a hero. His obvious care for strangers as is described in the article is a testament the outstanding character of this individual Truck Driver.

  • Iowa trucker who suffered a heart attack is a hero

    The Iowa trucker who suffered a heart attack while avoiding hitting anyone should be considered a hero. While the term "hero" is often thrown around, which tends to diminish its meaning, in this case the driver should be applauded for what he did under the most trying circumstances. He saved lives. That's what matters.

  • Iowa trucker who suffered a heart attack, and managed to avoid hitting anyone is a hero.

    Iowa trucker who suffered a heart attack, and managed to avoid hitting anyone is definitely a hero. The very first thing he asked medics after being resuscitated was “Did I hurt anybody?”The fact that he was concerned about whether he hurt anyone despite being unwell himself, proves his selflessness. As a trucker he was mindful of his responsibility to not cause any accident because of his driving.

  • He sure is!

    The man thought of other people when his life was in grave danger, if that is not heroism then I don't know what is. Not only was his life in grave danger, his body was failing him. For him to think of others through the panic that must have engulfed him is truly amazing.

  • No, I disagree.

    No, I do not believe this man is a "hero". I believe he is a strong person for being able to get to safety and avoid hurting anyone while having a heart attack but just because he didn't hurt anyone doesn't mean he is a hero.
    There are obviously more "qualified", if you will, people out there who deserve the title of "hero".

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