iPhone 6: Is it fair for phone companies to lock consumers into long contracts in exchange for new phones?

  • The subsidized phone business model isn't unfair.

    Customers get the benefit of buying a device much cheaper with the subsidy in exchange for paying larger monthly bills. Buying a phone up front saves money on monthly bills, and the price to get a quality phone at full cost is much lower than it was just a few years ago. Still, if you have your eyes on a specific phone and the full price isn't within your reach, the subsidized-by-contract model gives you an extra option, which is never a bad thing.

  • I believe the phone contract system is quite fair.

    It may appear to be an unfair trade for cellular service providers to engage consumers in contracts for new phone s. However, I believe it is a quite fair deal as you get a new expensive cellphone without having to pay the entire cost up front. If you feel it is unfair to be bound by a contract you can always go purchase contract free phones at their full price, which for majority of consumers is too high.

  • It is fair for phone companies to lock consumers into long contracts in exchange for new phones.

    As a consumer, one has many options in the cell phone market. If an individual does not want to be locked into a long contract, one does not have to. Buying a used phone online and then purchasing a no contract plan will yield the same results as signing up for a lengthy contract. Plus, some people are happy with their contracts. They have a new, cutting edge technology smartphone and do not plan on switching to another company any time soon. It is fair for phone companies to require their clients to purchase a long term contract in exchange for new phones.

  • no, it is not fair.

    But deciphering upgrade programs and figuring out what's the most economical way to get the new iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus given all the changes in wireless service plans in the past several months is tricky to say the least.In my opinions it is not fair to do this.

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