• IPhones are beter

    IPhones are easy to use,the batteries are better, and last a long time. IPhones fit in your pocket better and the camera is fantastic. IPhones are so easy and can be more convenient. The charger is not impossible to stick in your phone. And iPhones can pair to Bluetooth easy and iPhones are vary user friendly.

  • Apple for life

    Apple was the first to get phones out after apple created the iphone 8 samsung did too. Samsung has been copying apple's phones for years apple was the first provider of touch ID and the touch screen. Notice how almost more than half of the usa has Apple and apple still has sales for a $1,000 phone but when samsung does that they dont buy them most apps are only for ios and you cant get as manny apps for samsung because most app creators choose apple. Notice how the samsung galexy s7 exploded litaraly and was unreliable therefore samsung sucks.

  • IPhone for the win

    Would you rather have the real thing? Or a total rip off? I'll take a wild guess and say the real thing. This is called an Iphone, people. You think samsungs new "animated" emojis are the best? They are a total RIP OFF of animoji. Why did apple not sue them? I don't know.

  • Nope! Here some facts about this phone

    I think Samson because well, it could work as phone. You know if you charge your phone on a phone it would explode. Here some more interesting facts about Ivanhoe Apple introduces a new phone each year, the company famously prioritizes a thin and streamlined aesthetic over adding a longer-lasting, and therefore thicker, battery to the device. It’s a perennial refrain that phone owners would much prefer an phone that stays the same size, or even gets slightly thicker, if they can get longer battery life out of the device. But so far, Apple has’t listened. Even as each new phone’s components and features grow more power-hungry, the battery life stays about the same. Many phone users can get through the day without recharging, but plenty of others have taken to carrying power bricks or using charging cases to make their phones last the doyenne of the biggest complaints about the launch of the phone 6s was that it was high time for Apple to do away with the 16GB entry-level phone — a move that it once again declined to make. 16GB of storage is nowhere near enough for a phone that can shoot 4K video, but Apple continued to offer 16GB as the entry-level option. Even worse, the company charges a steep price increase to upgrade the storage capacity, which many users do when they weigh their options: 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB. That may be a smart business move, but it’s one that’s earned Apple a lot of disgruntled customers in the procession of the most annoying things about the phone is also one of the smallest. The auto correct functionality that Apple has built into is pretty prone to making erroneous and sometimes ridiculous substitutions and corrections. And instead of proofreading the text or email that we’re composing, too many phone users simply hit send and then either laugh or turn beet red when they look back at the message later. Overzealous auto correct may not sound like a big deal, but if you want confirmation that it’s a pretty common complaint, just take a look at your friends’ Face book posts (and subsequent comments), or scroll through your message history with an phone-toting friend.

  • Samsung is better

    Samsung has better third-party app support
    samsung has better customer service
    had facial recognition first so it is not copying off of apple
    batteries last way longer
    An operating system that isn't buggy after every update
    their phones don't cost almost $1500
    phone charger has never changed
    Samsung is better overall :)

  • Samsung is better

    Samsung has items in their phones years before apple had them
    For example
    Wireless Charging
    Water Resistant
    Bezel less design
    Iris scanner
    face recognition
    Things that Samsung kept and are still useful
    Headphone jack
    fingerprint charger
    Samsung also has much more variety than Apple can offer.

  • Samsung may not always be the best, but anything is better than an iPhone

    Samsung is a powerhouse, every time a new one comes out it is the most powerful thing on the market, not to mention its own custom firmware and Brand-specific features. IPhones have not had any notable upgrade or changes in years until the iPhone X, and the only features they added was augmented reality, (and it is only to be used for animoji, period) and face id, which Samsung invented, as well as the screen on the iPhone X, if you're buying an iPhone every year, you're literally paying a $80/month subscription to a magazine you already have. Upgrading the processor in an iphone without adding any real features to the software is like putting an engine and wheels on a trailer. Comparing the power of an iphone x to a Samsung is like racing a Fiat 500 and a V12 Formula 1 racecar, and saying the Fiat won because they were testing gas mileage.

  • Samsung 4 life

    Apple is shit
    samsung has better third-party app support
    samsung has better customer service
    had facial recognition first so it is not copying off of apple
    batteries last way longer
    An operating system that isn't buggy after every update
    their phones don't cost almost $1500
    Samsung is better overall :)

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Mister_Man says2018-03-30T20:23:03.190
Neither, OnePlus.