iphone software glitch: Will you plan to wait to buy a new iPhone until the software issues have been resolved?

  • Yes I will wait

    I already have a brilliant samsung s5 which does everything that i need it to do and there is no problems with it so I think i will wait until the problems with the iphone has been resolved before i even attempt to buy one. I think it should be taken off the market until it is fixed.

  • Iphone glitch can be fixed immediately with updates.

    With all the excitement from the new IPHONE 6 and with more details about the phone's hardware, IPHONE 6 is still one of the best high quality phones on the market. Software issues can easily be resolved through updates and consumers can take advantage of the new Iphone 6 features while they wait.

  • No, I will not wait

    I won't wait until the software glitch has been resolved as they do not appeal to some people in the slightest and they are still an inferior phone in terms of specs. The Nexus 4 is far superior to the iPhone 6 and its been out an awful lot longer

  • no way, nope

    I dislike all the software updates iPhone had when I had it to begin with. They do updates ALL THE TIME. Usually they are aweful ones too! This one is making phones unusable and people who don't know how to reset their phones are totally getting screwed in this deal.

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