• Agree regarding iphone

    Does a wonderful job of showing political upheaval through the eyes of a young woman of important status living through it with full comprehension of what is going on...Not only does Livia become a sympathetic and inspiring protagonist, but, seen through Livia’s eyes, Caesar Augustus becomes a flesh and blood man, brilliant, ambitious, arrogant, and yet vulnerable. This book superbly mixes strongly developed

  • I Phone is a ridiculous piece of technical blunder.

    I have a SAMSUNG GALAXY for business and an I Phone 5 for private purpose. For better understanding I must explain that I am German living and working in France. I am collector of movies and have not one single pirated copy of a movie. I ALWAYS purchase the original version of movies. I was very familiar with the APPLE philosophy and never had very much sympathy for it. However until recently I thought, that that sick philosophy wouldn't be integrated into a telephone. How wrong I was. Because the I Phone connects to Windows Computers by "I Tunes", I installed " I Tunes for Windows" on one of my computers. The first thing which happened was that all of my MP3 files, some hundred legally purchased music files (9.5 GB) from DEEZER, DRM free MP3 files, disappeared from ALL of my computers. Those were accessible from "I Tunes" but could not be found anywhere else. Later I found that I Tunes had created a hidden "I Tunes Media" directory on one of the HDs and DELETED those files on all others. Without asking or saying one single word. Then I purchased a SONY BRAVIA HD TV. To test it, I purchased the HD version of "Skyfall" for US $ 26.-, the most expensive movie I ever had, and 4 other movies. One hour after the download all movies had disappeared from my computer. I Tunes told me not to able to find them. The APPLE support did not respond to any questions. 3 months later I found out that all movies had been transferred to my I Phone. But that was not all. All movies now were present in the French dubbed version. Not one single question was asked, not one single word was said. I wrote a long comment in one of the I Tunes forums in which every sentence could be a reason to be accused of assault. Funnily that contribution still was not deleted. A few days ago my beloved I Phone downloaded a new operating system. After download being completed I switched it on and immediately a pop up jumped into the screen asking for the "I Cloud Password". I do not know what I Cloud is, never used it and never had any password. Clicking "exit" made the popup re appear after a split second. Fooling the phone by entering a bogus password enabled me to unblock the SIM card of the phone. It lasted only 5 minutes after my phone had found out the truth about my password and blocked all access by the said popup. Not until I had set up "I cloud" with the help of one of my computers, the problem disappeared. Now I have "I cloud" on a Window 7 computer and a telephone, not knowing what it is. I was short before mashing the I Phone on the wall, exactly there where a few years ago a "HTC Diamond" ended in an artwork of two Million pieces.

  • Windows is better

    Windows is more customizable. For example, you can change the colors on your background much easier. On Apple, you have to jailbreak it to change things. Apple's upgrades are also not very perceptible. There are many things on the front pages so you can find them really fast. You can also download much easier.

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Mike01506 says2014-04-28T20:25:53.347
It is a fact that Samsung is better than Iphone.

So, I'm going to leave it at that. Preferably I like a better phone for less money, due to Iphone charging extortionate prices.