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    Jdo sajo doaj ojasdojoasj dojasj djasldjklasdkj akdak ljkl ksadas kljdj kllk djlaks jkl jsldlk ajkldsj kjsklajdasdkals jdklajskjdk sjlkd jakl jkldjakldj aslkjkdlakl jkasjdljaslkdjlasdasldIM also hot if u like men i like men ifu l ike men i like men if u like men i like men i like men ifu like men

  • Yes Hello I am a going to be

    It’s very gay and gay I like men I like lots of men I still need 31 words so hello hello I like men and no women are allowed in my house jk I like jsjnxnxnxnxnxnnxnxn jxjxnnxnxnxnjx. No cncnxn. Ncncnjj. John is and was right t The fact remains to the place tmen patient is trump trump trump and trump trump is trump

  • Yes it is

    Grandayy is better than dolan dark and i hate people who beg for likes and i also hate people who don't write stuff with commas

    Like if you agree.
    Also i need 13 more words so here:

    ya yeet ya yeet ya yeet ya yeet ya yeet i like men

  • None of them are good

    You see, Neither the iphone 8 or xs is good because they're made by tim cook, And if you replace the second o in his last name with a c, It spells tim cock, Meaning that all iphones made by him are gay and you can miss me with that gay sh*t

  • It is not better

    It has the valubal home button! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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