• Apple phones are in fact so much better than Samsung phones.

    The first reason apple is so much better than Samsung phones is the design of the phone. For example, On a apple to see all the apps you have used you double click on the home button but on an Samsung they have a whole other button which is practically invisible and on the other side they have a back button which is also practically invisible and f you mix those up it is just a whole mess of confusion.

    Secondly, They operating systems of apple is designed in a way that the users can understand. The operating system is designed in such a way that it allows you to use it intuitively. For example, Have you ever signed a contract that you didn’t really understand. Well that is what the Samsung phones do, They make it so confusing that you don’t even read it and just click yes, Or I agree. But with apple phones when you read it you understand what they are saying. I think most people would like it better that way.

    Now, Some people might say that Samsung phones are better because of their great range of devices. They also might say that it is better because you have the new cases like the water proof. But there are more disadvantages to Samsung phones than there are advantages. For example, You have less control over what the apps do. That doesn’t happen with apple, Because of all the settings and restrictions on an app you have complete control over what an app is going to do.

    In conclusion, Apple phones are much better than Samsung phones for three main reasons. These three reasons include, But not limited to, The design, Better operating systems, And finally more control over the phones.

  • Yes, I believe the iPhone is better.

    While the iPhone is more expensive, it's quality is incomparable. Apple has always been the leader in technology and innovation. The design is classier and the operating system is just a step above Android. Samsung and Apple are even battling it out in court to see who really was the one to come up with the ideas and designs for the phones and their operating systems, but it looks like Samsung copied.

  • No, more affordable choices, more innovation.

    If there is something an iPhone can do that a Galaxy can't, I'll change my opinion

    Galaxy: better processors, open-source ui, better screen, sharper camera, more selectable features, more affordable price, better battery, supports microsd expansion, easier repairs, supports wide range of audio/video formats such as flac, and much more counting

  • Samsung Galaxy best phone to use

    The Samsung Galaxy is the best phone to use in the current market. The screen on the Samsung is nearly 15% larger. The Samsung Galaxy also uses the Android mobile operating system that is easier to program for than Apple's iOS. The Android mobile operating system also allows multitasking such as surfing the web and talking on the phone at the same time.

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