• Ruining the World

    When you buy an iPhone, you are so excited. You want to check everything out. Then you buy millions of apps that you like. Then you get addicted. The iPhone is killing so many people. If you stay on your iPhone for too long then you could go blind. The iPhone is killing a humans eyesight. Phones are supposed to be used for communicating with your friends and family's; and for emergency. They are not for stalking. More and more people are now stalking other people using the Internet. Young children post their phone numbers and picture on social media and strangers copy this down and then stalk the child. When a human holds an iPhone, they hold too much in their hands.

  • IPhones are the nest best thing

    Yes they are they are so much better than androids, androids are junk phones people get when they know iPhones are to expensive and cost more than there pay check, they are smart and very helpful, fast, and modern phones. They keep up to date and do as there told every click of an app.

  • Overpriced, but yes.

    The definition of awesome is "inspiring awe", so yes. It is awesome that computing power of that level can fit into such a small package, and to see how the technology has progressed since the iPhone was first introduced. The same is true of all smartphones in general - they allow us to perform multiple tasks efficiently and access an almost-unlimited source of information, all at your fingertips.

  • Not the best out there.

    They are heavy, cookie cutter devices with huge screen to edge bezels, no detachable battery, run on proprietary software, and are sold at an extremely high mark-up. Their hardware is quite often not as good as other phones out there and are not upgradable.

    Oh and they aren't waterproof. And their company executives are pretentious a holes. The apple idea is pretentious, and cannot claim to have contributed to the advancement of science or creativity in a greater capacity than other brands out there.

  • Not as awesome as you think...

    I Phones use to be great! I remember when they first came out and I was excited to see the new features. They may have changed the world then but now every other year when another one comes out (with the same content) it is not very exciting. I have a Samsung flip phone and I have dropped it multiple times without a crack. Drop an I Phone twice a huge crack on the screen. A flip phone is more durable than an overpriced smartphone. I think I will stay with a company who actually cares about their products and not money farming people...

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