Iran allows Americans who already had Visas into the country: should the US ban be overturned?

  • Yes it should

    Iran shows that this country has no problems with american nationals and the problem is the government of the us. But USA bans normal iranians that did not any terrorist acts in united states. We have to take apart government from peoples. If united states thinks about its safety so ban saudis...Just remember 11 september!

  • Yes it should be overturned, but not just for that reason

    This ridiculous refugee/immigration should be overturned for a number of different reasons, the least of which is that Iran is honoring the visas that they had previously issued to Americans. The thought that this ban does anything to deter Islamic terrorism is patently absurd; if anything it's going to fuel the fires of extremism.

  • Yes, the travel ban should be overturned

    Iran is keeping its commitment to allow people with valid visas into the country even after banning travel to Iran by Americans in response to President Trump's travel ban. The US should at the very least be honoring pre-existing visas like Iran is doing and needs to overturn the ban.

  • Where is the correlation?

    I am not saying that the US ban makes sense but the fact that Iran allows Americans has nothing to do with the US ban. The apparent reason to ban people from Iran is that they may be tied to terrorism. Americans in general have not been associated with terrorism at a scale like the regime in Iran which is supporting and supplying Hezbollah for example.

  • Yes, But not for the reason stated.

    A government is selected by its people, and therefore represents its people. The government has the right to do whatever they wish, as long as it follows constitution and vote. What Iran do is irrelevant in this case due to the fact that Iran and the US are two separate nations, and therefore they have the rights to do what they wish, and so if the people of Iran allow Americans into their country, America have no obligations politically to do so, however I believe they have a strong moral obligation to do so. Also you must remember that America are not banning Iranians into their country, to the extent of my knowledge, however what they are doing is banning Muslims, on the account that they are trying to protect America from terrorism, however you must also remember that only 1% of Muslims believe that what ISIS are doing is correct, what about the 99%? In conclusion, America are just scared of ISIS and are taking precautions, however some are over-extensive, as I have already said, most muslims do not support ISIS

  • No we should not overturn our ban

    I think people are getting the wrong idea here. WE DONT WANT TO GO THERE. THEY WANT TO COME HERE. The quality of life in the US is incomparably better than Iran. Besides what exactly does Iran risk by allowing Americans into their country. Nothing. On the other hand any one of the iranian immigrants could be a suicide bomber. Terrorists dont LEAVE the US to bomb Iraq, or Syria, or some other middle eastern country. All of us know its the other way around

  • The ban needs to fulfill its purpose.

    While the implementation of the ban was completely wrong, it's purpose may have some merit to it. There is plenty of immigration fraud going on and the nationals of some countries do pose a security risk. I think the White House should have framed this as a ban that allows them to restructure current vetting procedures instead of as a ban to keep certain nationalities out.

  • No, it should not.

    The United States does not need to overturn its ban on visitors from certain countries. Instead, America should take this time to strengthen our borders and improve our immigration process. Then we can lift the ban on visitors, because we will know exactly who is coming in the country - keeping the bad guys out.

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