Iran crisis "grand bargain": Is the "grant bargain" with Iran over its nuclear program a good idea?

  • It's about as good as we're realistically going to get

    It's not everything the world leaders concerned with Iran wanted to get out of a negotiation with them, but at a certain point, while there are plenty of reasons to be frustrated with Iran, you still can't expect to just yell at them until they give you what you want. A relationship needs to be built with a gesture of good will here and there before anybody can work together, so conceding a few things in this deal was smart.

  • We all deserve a better future

    If all Iran wishes is to have power to light their homes then they should be given that right. Yes, we are all wary of what they will do with the nuclear technology however it is also wrong to label them criminals before they had a chance to prove their trustworthiness.

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