Iran invites Snowden to visit and 'elaborate' on U.S. spying practices. Should he go?

  • Yes. Snowden saves the world.

    Yes Iran, please take the hometown hero Snowden and please keep him. He has currently been granted three more yrs of asylum in Russia, so i am not sure why he would leave..I am glad he is finding solice in so many countries that do not participate in fiendish methods of surveillance. Our hunger game government is a villian to all. Americans should be thankful there is someone who is willing to suffer the isolation of hobnobbing with dignitaries and holding court in truly free countries for our benefit.. Thanks Edward for being a true hero and taking a stand and then running and hiding in countries that value personal freedom in a way that our country never will.

  • No, Iran hates Americans.

    No, Snowden should not visit Iran and elaborate on U.S. spying practices, because Iran hates all Americans, non matter who they are. That would also change Snowden from passionate alarmist, into a full-blown enemy of the state. This would change his standing for many Americans who believe he is a good guy. But if he wants to be beheaded on the internet, he should go for it.

  • Snowden Should Not Go To Iran

    Iran has proven time and again that they are not an ally of the United States. While Snowden has no asylum here and will face charges, if he does return, I don't believe he should go to Iran. While I'm sure Iran has asked him to visit, I doubt they have guaranteed his protection.

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