Iran releases 10 Navy Sailors: Do you think the US did the right thing by thanking Iran?

  • Yes, the USFG did the right thing

    Considering that Iran cannot be considered on friendly terms with the US, releasing the sailors (who had, even by accident, trespassed in Iranian territory) was not something they had any obligation to do. So in this particular case they should be thanked. Thank you Iran for releasing the US Navy sailors.

  • Considering the situation, sure

    The US is sort of responsible for this incident, what with two small US navy vessels drifting into Iranian territorial waters. Iran would have been completely justified in demanding an apology from the US, which of course the US would have refused to do because of PR reasons, which in turn would have made this a much bigger scandal than it already is and a further dividing point between the two nations. The fact that they didn't and handled the situation and the sailors professionally and with care really helped de-escalate the situation. And the thank you from the State Department also acted as a sort of olive branch in a way (the US could have easily said nothing) by at least meeting Iran in the middle, instead of trying to remain on the morally high ground. All in all, I think everyone handled themselves well.

  • Yes, this is a success.

    I guess the conservatives think we should have spit on their shoes, and insulted their mothers, right?

    This is exactly what happens when GOOD diplomacy gets a chance to work. Not a shot fired.
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    Posted by: TBR
  • Yes, it was good diplomacy.

    Yes. If the release of the 10 Navy Sailors helped the US Military efforts, as it did, of course they should thank Iran. As Secretary of State John Kerry said, the resolution of the matter was "testament to the critical role diplomacy plays in keeping our country safe". It shows good diplomacy of the US part.

  • The United States acted properly

    While the United States and Iran are, and will remain adversaries for the foreseeable future, the United States acted correctly by thanking Iran for the prompt release of the sailors. Diplomacy, which must be supported by credible military capabilities and the will to use those capabilities, necessarily involves efforts to diffuse unnecessary confrontations. Common courtesy does not and should not imply weakness in reality.

  • Yes, your government did the right work! And my government did the right work not to abuse the situation.

    My government could have abused the situation just like what they did with British captives a couple of years ago. When our soldiers arrested British soldiers in Persian golf, government made the best of situation and took them to Tehran, changed their clothing, made them have interviews and say how nice Iranians are!!!, took their equipment and information and humiliated the British navy in the worst possible way.
    We could have benefited a lot more in the case of your soldiers however we chose "peace".

  • Politeness is a sign of wisdom and diplomacy, not weakness

    When relationships between countries are fragile, it is wise to err on the side of caution and diplomacy is key in handling difficult communications between different nations. Expressing gratitude towards Iran for efficiency and cooperation shows that the U.S. is civil and polite - it doesn't mean the U.S. is groveling or weak. Thanking Iran was a wise, diplomatic choice that will hopefully help uphold a non-aggressive relationship between Iran and the U.S.

  • Yes, the US did the right thing by thanking Iran

    Iran kept their word and returned sailors. How do we negotiate with them if they keep their word, we snub them? It is gestures like this that keep us from shedding more blood. There is nothing wrong with thanking someone who did right by you. It is a good thing our diplomats know this.

  • Weak, weak, weak....

    This shows how embarrassingly weak this country had become under the Obama administration. It's pathetic that we have to act like this in front of a country that's an enemy of ours! Why?!? I have no clue.... But I will say that I'm sick of the lack of leadership from the POTUS!

  • No we should not

    Why would we thank them, they never should have stolen the in the first place, but no, we are not thanking them for not kidnapping our soldiers, we are thanking them for returning them, why would we thank them for making right (to a very small extent) what they never should have done in the first place?

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