• He's Promised Not To.

    No, Obama will not send our troops to Iraq, because he has already said that he has no plans to. Obama just traded 5 jihadist militants for an American who desserted his own army and his country. Obama does not care if militants take Iraq over and undo all of the gains of the last 10 years.

  • Troops to be sent to Control the Situation

    I support sending the troops into Iraq. In order to control a situation and take preventative measures from further escalation there needs to be troops situated in Iraq. Though I do not encourage the troops to be sent in a message of violence, there is certainly a need for increased communication and control within Iraq.

  • No, Obama has not intervened other times, he will not start now.

    Obama has proven a lack of leadership throughout his time in office. He has also proven that he stands for very little. This has given many terrorist groups the green light to go on the offensive attacking areas we have previously helped or consider allies. He has stated that he will give "pointers" to the Iraqis. I am not sure that those tips will be of much use but it is my believe that he will not send in our troops.

  • No President Obama will not send ground troops back to Iraq.

    President Obama has already stated that under no conditions will the United Stated send troops back to Iraq. The Iraq government had the chance to have US stationed in Iraq to provide security assistance and refused them. They will have to live with the results of their choices. The US no longer has any compelling interest in the stability of the country.

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