Iran Sends Troops to Iraq: Can we ever completely stop Middle East extremism?

  • And what happens if we give up?

    Simple fact is, this is a problem that has existed for centuries, there is no quick fix, we will probably never solve all the middle east's problems. That said if we fail to support the Iraqi army in this time of crisis, the whole country could be lost to extremists.

    Now governments have had a lot of trouble dealing with terrorist groups around the world, what do you imagine will happen if these extremists gain control of all of Iraq and Syria? They will have plenty of cities to recruit from and they will continue to expand.

    The threat will not remain in the middle east, if the wrong side wins and gains control, they will have the resources and manpower of Iraq and Syria to build an army and continue there Jihad further, for them this war is not over because the coalition forces left, we are still at war sooner or later we are going to have to fight this enemy once again.

    The question is how powerful are we going to let the enemy become while we sit back and watch. If they win and attack other powers in the region, the coalition will be dragged back in.

    You may think what happens in the middle east is not your concern, but the strategic importance of the middle Easts oil supply s can not be ignored, if the oil supply is threatened we will all be hit with extra costs for fuel and numerous other household products.

    And what happens when these extremists decide they want to retake the holly-lands from Israel? We will be dragged back into this conflict either in defense of Saudi Arabia or Israel its only a matter of time.

    There will be a third Iraq war within our lifetime, if things keep going in the extremists favor it will be fought in Syria as well.

  • Extremism will Always Exist

    Unfortunately, I believe there is no way to ever entirely stop extremism. The only thing we do have, is the power to control and protect against it. Due to both cultural and religious reasons, there will always be groups within society who create hate campaigns against others. My personal thoughts is to focus on aligning with the non extremists in the community in a bid to ensure the majority of the nation abides by a set of governed rules.

  • We will never completely stop Middle East extremism

    People will never be able to eliminate the threats extremists pose to society. This includes all people, from every country, of all races and religions. As humans, we all possess our own individual beliefs and opinions. There is and will always be an extremist in every group, just as there will always be evil in this world.

  • No, Middle East extremism will go on.

    No, we can never completely stop Middle East extremism. The cultures in Middle East are different, the balance of power is also swayed, and dictatorship is at its strongest. Change takes continuous effort, dialog, and acceptance, and is nearly impossible when positions are kept from being heard. A change in values will be required for a change in government.

  • No, I don't believe we can.

    I think extremism is way too prevalent in the Middle East for us to be able to control it. With the Internet accessible nearly everywhere more and more people join extremist movements all over the world each and every day. I believe it is a fruitless effort to try and control it and the best we can do step in when it directly affects our safety.

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