Iranian students get 99 lashes for attending mixed graduation party. Is it barbaric punishment, especially in XXI century?

  • Iran is out of control.

    Iran's criminal justice system would be laughable if it was not so barbaric. It's citizens are punished daily for just participating in normal activities. The country is a prime example of what happens when fundamentalist religion takes over every aspect of life and citizens are not allowed to make their own choices.

  • Of course 99 lashings for Iranian students is a barbaric punishment.

    Any corporal punishment in the 21st century is barbaric. There is no excuse for students being lashed or otherwise punished physically at school in any country. Iran may be much less civilized than the United States, but even its government should realize that punishing students with lashings is harsh, unnecessary and ineffective.

  • Yes, torture is barbarism.

    Yes, we should consider barbaric all physical and psychological torture. International law prohibits torture in all situations, and the international community should make no exception for Iran. Though using the term "barbarism" is disputable, leaders should unequivocally condemn Iran's torture policy as dated and unfit for any country which upholds the values of human rights.

  • It's absolutely barbaric.

    Iran needs to wake up and figure out what century this is. We are all human beings, men and women. Mixing at a party and talking to each other is not a sin. I don't understand how any country can refuse to understand this given the fact that their government officials travel the world and see people mixing freely.

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