Iraq and Turkey ready to fight over Mosul: Should the United States intervene?

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  • No, it is there fight.

    Why should United States poke its nose in everything? We are the superpower but that does not mean we have the solution to every problem in this world. The last time we we tried to save Syria, ISIS was born. Let Iraq and Turkey square it out and whoever wins should take Mosul.

  • No, the United States should not intervene.

    No, the United States should not intervene because it intervenes too frequently. The US needs to think about its own people. It should try to get everyone a good education and should work toward eliminating unemployment as well as correcting climate change. Wars should be a last resort at this point.

  • Not unless we absolutely have to

    As I understand it, our troops are there in a support capacity, but some of them are in harm's way. I think intervention should be limited to what we need to initially do to protect our troops. That being said, some are comparing this to the Iraq war on steroids, and we found it necessary to intervene there, so it's likely it will happen here, but I hope only as a last resort.

  • No, they should not.

    The US needs to stay out of the conflict in Mosel because there is very little that they can do to end this conflict. They are sure to make it more complicated and drag it out longer, like the US has done with every single conflict they have been involved in the last 40 years.

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