Iraq Crisis: Does the World need to step in to aid in this humanitarian crisis?

  • We can't afford to lose Iraq.

    Yes, the World needs to step in to aid this humanitarian crisis in Iraq, because we cannot afford to lose Iraq now. There are a lot of countries in the Middle East that are a lot more radical than Iraq. It would be better if we stepped in to make sure that Iraq stayed moderate. This is in our strategic interest.

  • Help the People

    While I disagree that the world should send more troops into the country, creating more and more bloodshed, the country needs humanitarian aid. If the world reaches out and does what it can to help the people of Iraq, and show them that the answer to their problems lies with the allies not the insurgents, then we have a much stronger problem of crushing the threat of extremism once and for all.

  • Yes the World needs to step in

    The World needs to step in for the humanitarian aid in Iraq and not leave it all to the US. There is a big crisis going on and the World needs to step in so more innocent people and especially children are not killed. Also if there is not more of a humanitarian effort I believe it will lead to more violence.

  • The Iraq crisis: A difficult situation

    I think that the Iraq crisis has spiralled out of control. We went there with good intentions but it became a difficult situation after the years spent occupying the country. Now, the country is still in a dire situation. To a degree I think it is the responsibility of developed countries to help out those in need, but also the country itself must make an attempt to pull itself from the crisis they have found themselves in. Otherwise they will constantly rely on aid.

  • No I have another idea.

    I think we should simply observe this country, so if anything like this were to happen here we would be better equipped to deal with the situation. But if things get too out of hand we can help them. This might not be a popular opinion, but just sit a think about it.

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